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Our Facilities

Each of EWG Glass’ seven locations facilitates a different and important step in the glass recycling process.

Decasing Facility

94-29 165th St. Jamaica, NY, 11433

Full pallets of glass are decased out of the boxes. The glass is put onto a belt and goes in one direction while the cardboard and shrink wrap go a different way. The cardboard and shrink wrap are each baled separately. At this facility EWG also empties bags of aluminum cans or UBC (used beverage cans). The aluminum cans are baled into squares and the bags they came in are separately baled as well.

Sorting Facility

107-28 180th St. Jamaica, NY 11433

At this facility, EWG takes all the mixed glass from the reversed vending machines and sorts it by color: green, flint and amber. All contaminants such as paper, rings and metal bottle caps are removed during this process.

Crushing Facility

94-54 158th St. Jamaica, NY 11433

At this location, EWG takes the sorted glass and individually crushes it down to furnace ready cullet. Any contaminants that are left over are taken out such as paper labels and plastic. The glass is processed to a size fit for furnace ready cullet that is then able to be brought to the mills.

Trans-Load Location

87-69 Lefferts Blvd. Richmond Hill, NY 11418

Once the glass is crushed down it is ready to be transported. EWG transports glass to the mills by truck or rail. At our trans-load location, glass is shipped across the country and down south to be melted down into new bottles or jars.

Portable Crusher


EWG provides a portable crusher on-site to different mills across the country. The process is the same as our crushing facility. This portable machine crushes any broken, reject or extra glass on site of the mills in order to be used in the furnace.

Abrasives Facility

49 Pinedale Industrial Road, Orwigsburg, PA 17961

This location is an abrasives facility where glass that can’t be sold back to the bottle industry is used for other purposes. All the contaminants are taken out of the glass and grinded to a fine size. It is then bagged and sold to the boating/auto industries and the military to be used for sand blasting. Abrasives, sand blasts and other filter media are produced from this fine, grinded glass.

Truck Depot

157-17 Liberty Ave Jamaica, NY 11433

The Truck Depot is where EWG Glass parks its roll-off trucks, rendering trucks, tractor trailers, box trucks and damage control service trucks. These trucks are essential to the business and each play a role in the different steps of recycling
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